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Department of Electronic Engineering
Institute of Wireless Communication Technology

Meixia TAO 陶梅霞

Professor and PhD advisor, Dept. of Electronic Engineering
Deputy director, Institute of Wireless Commu. Technology
EEC Member, IEEE Trans. on Wireless Commu.
IEEE Fellow
Office: SEIEE Building 5-301A
Tel: +86-21-34207494-8004
Fax: +86-21-34207492
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Brief Biography

Meixia Tao received the B.S. degree in electronic engineering from Fudan University, Shanghai, China, in 1999, and the Ph.D. degree in electrical and electronic engineering from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 2003. She is currently a Professor with the Department of Electronic Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China. Prior to that, she was a Member of Professional Staff at Hong Kong Applied Sci & Tech Research Institute during 2003-2004, and a Teaching Fellow then an Assistant Professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, National University of Singapore from 2004 to 2007.

Her current research interests include wireless caching, edge computing, physical layer multicasting, resource allocation, and interference management. She has published over 150 IEEE journal and conference papers on these topics. Dr. Tao is the recipient of the IEEE Heinrich Hertz Award for Best Communications Letters in 2013, the IEEE/CIC ICCC Best Paper Award in 2015, and the International Conference on Wireless Communications and Signal Processing (WCSP) Best Paper Award in 2012. She also received the IEEE ComSoc Asia-Pacific Outstanding Young Researcher Award in 2009.

Dr. Tao currently serves as a member of the Executive Editorial Committee of the IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications. She was on the Editorial Board of the IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications (2007-2011), and the IEEE Transactions on Communications (2012-2018), the IEEE Communications Letters (2009-2012), and the IEEE Wireless Communications Letters (2011-2015). She serves and has served as Symposium Oversight Chair of IEEE ICC 2019, Symposium Co-Chair of IEEE GLOBECOM 2018, TPC chair of IEEE/CIC ICCC 2014, and Symposium Co-Chair of IEEE ICC 2015.

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Nov. 2018 Dr. Tao is elevated to IEEE Fellow.
Feb. 2018 Three papers to be presented at IEEE ICC 2018, one paper to be presented at IEEE WCNC 2018.
October 2017 Four papers to be presented at IEEE GLOBECOM 2017.
June 2017 Our work on information-theortic study of caching in a general wireless interference network, titled "Fundamental tradeoff between storage an latency in cache-aided wireless interference networks" is accepted in IEEE Trans. on Information Theory.
May 2017 Two papers on wireless coded caching are accepted: "Modeling, Analysis, and Optimization of Coded Caching in Small-Cell Networks" in IEEE TCOM and "Fundamental Storage-Latency Tradeoff in Cache-Aided MIMO Interference Networks" in IEEE TWireless.
March 2017 "ADMM-based Fast Algorithm for Multi-group Multicast Beamforming in Large-Scale Wireless Systems" is accepted by IEEE Trans. on Communications.
March 2017 4 papers to appear in IEEE ICC 2017.
Sept 2016 Two papers to appear in IEEE GLOBECOM 2016: "A Storage-Latency Tradeoff Study for Cache-Aided MIMO Interference Networks" and "Optimal DoF Region for the Asymmetric Two-Pair MIMO Two-Way Relay Channel".
June 2016 Two papers on content-centric wireless networks are accepted by IEEE Trans. on Wireless Communications: "Content-Centric Sparse Multicast Beamforming for Cache-Enabled Cloud RAN" and "Stochastic Content-Centric Multicast Scheduling for Cache-Enabled Heterogeneous Cellular Networks"
May 2016 "Cooperative Tx/Rx Caching in Interference Channels: A Storage-Latency Tradeoff Study," to appear in IEEE ISIT 2016.
CFP: IEEE Commu. Magazines Feature Topic on Communications, Caching, and Computing for Content-Centric Mobile Networks. Submission Deadline: Jan.1, 2016.
Nov 2015 "User-centric base station clustering and sparse beamforming for cache-enabled cloud RAN"" wins the best paper award in IEEE/CIC ICCC 2015.
Sept 2015 "Stochastic content-centric multicast scheduling for cache-enabled heterogeneous cellular networks," to appear in ACM CoNEXT'15 workshop on Content Caching and Delivery in Wireless Networks (CCDWN'15).
Sept 2015 "User-centric base station clustering and sparse beamforming for cache-enabled cloud RAN," to appear in IEEE/CIC ICCC 2015.
August 2015 "Content-centric multicast beamforming in cache-enabled cloud radio access networks," to appear in IEEE GLOBECOM 2015.
April 2015 "Generalized signal alignment: on the achievable DoF for multi-user MIMO two-way relay channels," accepted in IEEE Trans. on Information Theory.
April 2015 "Optimal dynamic multicast scheduling for cache-enabled content-centric wireless networks," accepted in IEEE ISIT 2015.
Nov 2014 Dr. Tao is appointed as Member of Executive Editorial Committee of the IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communication.
Oct 2014 IEEE/CIC ICCC 2014 Technical Program is ready. Please join us at Shanghai!
May 2014 "Massive MIMO multicasting in noncooperative cellular networks," to appear in IEEE JSAC Special Issue on 5G.
Jan 2014 Congratulations to Zhengzheng Xiang and Kangqi Liu for paper acceptance in IEEE ICC 2014.
Dec 2013 IEEE/CIC ICCC 2014 is running! Please visit
Sept 2013 Dr. Tao received the National Science Fund for Outstanding Young Scientists.
July 2013 PhD student Rui Wang passed the PhD defense.
July 2013 PhD students Xiaochen Lin and Yuan Liu passed the PhD defense.
June 2013 J. Zhu, et al, "Cooperative Secret Communication with Artificial Noise in Symmetric Interference Channel" (IEEE Comm. Letter, vol. 14, no. 10, Oct. 2010) wins 2013 IEEE Heinrich Hertz Award for Best Communications Letters
Feb. 2013 Promoted to Professor
Oct. 2012 Wang et al., "Analysis of false CSI attack by a malicious user in OFDMA networks" wins the Best Paper Award in WCSP 2012
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