Xiaoying Gan's teaching at SJTU!

Course name:Fundamental of Communication Circuits

**Notice:Research assistant recruitment**


Textbook: RF Microelectronics(2nd Edition, Behzad Razavi)



Grading policy:

Other regulations: E-mail is the most important tool for communications, check your emails regularly. For course related issues, send mails to us.

Teaching assitant:

Name:Ziquan You


Office hour: Friday, SEIEE building 1-445

Lecture PPT :

  1. Lecture 1:Introduction
  2. Lecture 2:Basic Concepts in RF Design(updated on 3.1)
  3. Lecture 3:Communication Concepts(updated on 3.28)
  4. Lecture 4:Transceiver Architectures(updated on 3.28)
  5. Lecture 5:Low Noise Amplifiers(updated on 5.16)
  6. Lecture 6:Mixers(updated on 4.18)
  7. Lecture 8:Oscillators(updated on 4.25)
  8. Lecture 12:Power Amplifiers(updated on 5.16)

Reference :

  1. Textbook by Thomas Lee(updated on 2019.3.19)


  1. Homework 1(chapter 2 - p1)(updated on 2019.3.19)
  2. Homework 3(chapter 4)(updated on 4.11)
  3. Homework 4(chapter 6)(updated on 4.16)

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